Website Features

A. Free and Paid Stock Photos & Cartoons

1. Photos, cartoons and videos can bring your site to life.

B. Shopping Carts

1. Shopping Carts have many features. Compare before buying.

C. Merchant Accounts (Credit Card Companies)

1. Merchant Accounts credit cards. Look out for hidden fees with all credit card processing services! Get all your fees explained and estimated in writing before you start.

2. When shopping for a merchant account, compare these factors:

  • Set-up fee
  • Discount fee (really, this is a charge)
  • Per transaction fee
  • Minimum monthly fee

D. Shopping Carts that Don’t Require Merchant Accounts

1. Fees are higher for non-bank based services:

E. Internal Search Engines for your Website

1. Using a Google search engine on your website to help visitors navigate your site will not only help them find what they seek, but also help you get more of your content cataloged by Google.

  • Google – largest and most frequently used

F. Internet Speed Test

1. As you work with your website, you will want to know how quickly your page appears. “Drop-in” times are sometimes slow because of errors on your page, problems with your Internet Service Provider, or problems with the Internet itself. To test some of these options, you can use a variety of free websites. ¬†One such site is offered below.

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