These resources have been listed here for FREE, and for you to use at your own discretion.

In my online escapades since 1994, I’ve had the good fortune of finding many wonderful websites. The cataloging of these websites started out of my own need to keep them handy and easily accessible. Now I keep them here for both you and me.

Please use them with caution and at your own discretion. Although these websites have served me well, I cannot attest to how they will serve you. Some of them pay me a modest fee for referrals, and most don’t. TIP: If a website does not display a telephone number for you to call with questions, be careful. They may not be available when you need service, support or returns.

Please click on the “FREE RESOURCES” link you see in the upper right hand corner of this page. It will take you to my favorite Internet resources and vendors. When you find the ones you need, add them to your own social bookmarking sites by using our social bookmarking tool.


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